DSA Registration in Dehradun

What is DSA

A DSA or Direct Selling Agency is a loan selling agency, which works on behalf of the bank. DSA looks for people in the market who want a loan and these leads are further directed to the bank. DSAs are paid on every converted referral and, the payout is a percentage of the loan amount. A DSA is also known as a “business correspondence”.


What all does DSA do?

Apart from just providing, referrals to the bank, the DSA is also required to carry out the following procedure:

• Sourcing loan application
• Collecting all documents from his/her clients,
• Ensuring the originality of the documents also come under DSA’s work,
• Submitting the documents to the concerned bank.


Advantages of being a Direct Selling Agency

Being an agent under a Direct selling agency provides you with the following advantages:

• Unlimited earning potential- Being a Direct selling agency allows limitless earning. It all depends on your hard work and lead generation.
• Flexible working hours- Unlike a 9-5 job, being a Direct selling agency allows you flexible working hours.
• Negligible registration cost- The investment in being a Direct selling agency agent is very low or almost negligible.
• Free training- The concerned bank provides a training session to its DSAs.
• No high qualifications required- Being a Direct selling agency doesn’t ask for great skills, all it asks for is a graduate or an undergraduate degree.

What does a DSA Offer?

What does a DSA offer to its clients?

Opting for a loan through a DSA is a two-way process, the lead generation provides DSA with a commission, but the DSA also offers its clients the following advantages:

• The loan registration becomes an easy and quick process.
• DSA is available for them, in case of any after-sales issue.
• The clients get to choose from a variety of loan plans.

Registration Process

The registration process for being a DSA

Registering as a DSA for private banks is a complex process, as the verification of the documents may take several weeks. Let us look at the complete process to register yourself as a DSA in a private bank:

Online registration:

• Online application for being a DSA is quite easy. Just provide us with your contact details and we’ll reach out to you.
• Just fill in the required details.
• Then, a section will appear, that will ask you to upload your documents, just upload them.
• Once the verification of the documents is done, you’re all set up to make your first sale.

To help out the people, who want to be an agent under our Direct Selling Agency in a simpler way. Our company provides DSA registration under our supervision. The thing that’ll differ is that instead of reporting directly to the bank, you’ll report to us and further we are the ones, who’ll provide you with the payout.

Offline registration:

• The only difference is that during registering online, an online registration form is filled, while in offline registration, a physical or offline form is filled. All other steps are the same.

We will get in touch with you within 12hrs

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