Avail cashless hospitalisation worldwide with ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance

No matter where you are, stay assured of quality healthcare. Avail travel insurance plans that offer cashless hospitalisation facilities across the globe, so you can be at peace when you travel.

Why Travel Insurance ?

Vehicle insurance or motor insurance is meant for cars, two-wheelers and other road vehicles. A motor package policy protects the insured vehicle against the damages caused due to accidents and natural disasters. In addition to vehicle damage, motor vehicle insurance provides mandatory coverage for third-party liabilities. Comprehensive vehicle insurance allows for worry-free drives by curbing your vehicle repair expenses and helping you adhere to the law on the road

Types of Travel Insurance coverage

1. Domestic travel insurance plan
This policy is designed for customers intending to travel within the contours of the country. A domestic travel insurance policy insulates the policyholder from expenses that may result from treatment of a medical emergency, theft/loss of baggage and other valuables, delays/cancellation of flights, permanent disability, and personal liability (refers to third-party damages inflicted by you while you’re on the trip).

2. International travel insurance
This policy is designed in keeping with what customers – travelling internationally – would want. Besides the usual coverage offered by its domestic counterpart, an international travel insurance policy safeguards you (policyholder) against risks of a flight hijack, repatriation to India, etc.

3. Medical travel insurance
The name is the marker here – with the policy specifically designed to cover expenses emanating from medical emergencies and other healthcare-related concerns. However, the exact set of inclusions and exclusions will vary across insurance providers.

4. Group travel insurance
Consider a group of employees travelling abroad to participate in a business conclave. In such a situation, it would not make sense for every individual in the group to purchase his/her own travel insurance policy – for the simple reason that it could compound premiums considerably

Adherence to law

It is mandatory by law to avail of third-party insurance for all vehicles before they are allowed on the road.

Escape traffic fines

Per the Motor Vehicles (Amended) Act of 2019, if you're caught driving an uninsured vehicle, you may have to pay a penalty of up to ₹2000 for the first instance, and from the second instance, it may go up to ₹4000

Coverage against loss or damage

A motor package policy takes care of your expenses in case any loss or damage to your vehicle arises due to theft, road accident or other natural and man-made disasters.

Personal accident cover

You will get a personal accident cover of ₹15 lakhs for yourself and an optional cover of ₹2 lakhs for the co-passengers travelling with you. This coverage is available at a nominal additional premium.

Benefits of buying Travel insurance online

Insurance Covered So far.....


Can the insured claim hospitalisation expenses if he/she has been hospitalised due to COVID-19?
Hospitalization expenses (both in-patient and out-patient) will be payable in case the insured is hospitalized in the destination country due to COVID-19.
Will insurance cover the losses if the insured’s scheduled trip is canceled due to hospitalisation?
Claims will be payable for the financial loss incurred by the insured if the scheduled trip is canceled or interrupted due to hospitalization* of the insured/immediate family member due to COVID-19.  
The insured’s family member gets infected while traveling with the insured. Will the travel insurance remain valid and the claim payable?
The medical expenses will be borne by the travel insurance policy up to the sum insured if the said family member is covered in the policy. The following types of claims will be payable:
  • Medical In-patient and out-patient claims
  • Trip Cancellation/Interruption/Re-scheduling
  • Trip Delay– except any delay at the Indian port of origin of the insured trip
Will the insured’s expenses incurred due to the trip delay be covered?
Claims will be payable for food and lodging expenses in case the trip is delayed abroad due to cancellation or re-scheduling of flights done at the instance of the common carrier due to COVID-19.  
The insured has both our health and travel insurance. Will the claim be applicable in both cases, and how?
With respect to Medical in-patient and out-patient expenses, if the events happen in India, then a health insurance policy claim will be triggered. If it happens abroad, then a travel insurance claim will be applicable as follows:
  • Medical In-patient and out-patient claims – If India (Health policies); If abroad (Travel Policy)
  • Trip Cancellation/Interruption/Re-scheduling
  • Trip Delay – except any delay at the Indian port of origin of the insured trip
Which International Travel Insurance covers can I claim due to COVID-19?
You can claim under the following covers due to COVID-19. Claims admissibility will be ascertained strictly per policy terms and conditions subject to those terms and conditions being met. Overseas medical expenses
  • Trip Delay
  • Political risk & catastrophe evacuation
  • Trip Cancellation & Interruption
  • Missed Flight Connection
  • Emergency Hotel extensions
  • Bounced booking – Hotel/Airline
  • Overseas hospitalisation coverage – We cover in-patient and out-patient hospitalisation expenses for COVID-19 incurred in the destination country trip Delay
  • Trip cancellation and interruption cover – We compensate the financial loss incurred due to trip cancellation or interruption if you or your immediate family member is hospitalised for COVID-19.
  • Emergency hotel extension* – If you have to extend your trip because you or your companion is hospitalised abroad due to COVID-19, we will pay for your additional lodging and boarding expenses.
  • Daily hospitalisation allowance – We provide daily cash as an emergency allowance to you in case of hospitalisation due to COVID-19.
*Above mentioned is an indicative list. Please refer to the certificate of insurance in conjecture with the policy wordings for a detailed understanding of what you are covered for.

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