July 28, 2021

RBI revises personal loan limit for bank directors to Rs. 5 crore

The Reserve Bank of India(RBI) has announced that the limit of a loan amount on a Personal Loan that can be acknowledged by lenders to board directors and their families at not more than RS. 5 crores from RS. 25 lakhs.  Earlier, the limit on a Personal Loan that can be given to any bank director was at  RS. 25 lakhs.

In Friday a circular released by RBI, On this circular RBI said that banks can not give permission to grant loans more than 5 crores to any relative instead of spouse and dependent children of chairman and managing director or other directors of their own bank and other banks. The same rule applies to relatives other than the spouse or minor children of chairman, managing director or other directors of other banks.

According to the circular released by RBI, this rule is applied in all commercial banks, except Regional Rural Banks, all local area banks and small finance banks. The scheme for credit resources of an amount less than RS. 25 lakhs or RS. 5 crores to these creditors might be authorized by the authority in the bank under the power of that authority, but the matter should be reported to the board.

A Personal Loan is a type of Unsecured loan (Unsecured loans are the loans in which there is no need of any collateral). In Personal Loan individual can fulfill there immediate personal need. Here, one can borrow money to use for a variety of purposes.

In our personal as well as in the professional life we want to fulfill our needs and for this sometimes money becomes the important factor. But not everyone can afford to complete or achieve their desire. So that’s why Banks provide us with some facilities by taking a Loan on the basis of certain criteria. 

Purposes to take the Personal Loan ?

  1. Medical emergencies
  2. Higher education
  3. Wedding expenses
  4. Paying credit card bills
  5. Home renovation
  6. Electronic gadgets
  7. Any personal need

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