BDS4Loans is a reputable loan provider company that has been in business for over 15 years. BDS4Loans accepts all banking services and offers a wide range of loan options for organizations, companies, and individual clients.
The company understands the needs of its clients and works to provide loan facilities tailored to their unique circumstances. This approach has helped BDS4Loans to establish a strong reputation for being a reliable and trustworthy loan provider.
With BDS4Loans, it is assured that you'll be in good hands when you need like home loan, Personal loan, Business loan, Loan against property, Mutual funds, Life insurance, General insurance, equities, derivatives, research and various third-party financial products including fixed deposits, tax services & pension products to various individuals customers and corporate customers also for their End-use purposes.

Expert Documentation

Expert Document Preparation Assistance:

Let us help you format your documents to ensure they are in their correct form, making it easier for you to obtain a loan, which includes-
● Income tax return filing.
● GST registration and its return filing services.
● TDS on sale of Property.
● ROC filings.
● Secretarial Compliance.
● Accounting and Bookkeeping.

We Can Help!

Improve Financial Trust with Financial Institutions/Banks and Increase Loan Approval Chances:

Sometimes, banks may not consider low CIBIL scores when considering a loan application. We can help you improve your bank and financial statements to establish financial trust and increase your chances of easily obtaining any loan. Banks have certain policies in which getting loan is not an easy task, hence we are one stop solution to it by making all compliances and making loan granting process hassle free.

Establishing the Legal Chain of Ownership for Property Mortgages

A property's legal chain of ownership is crucial to any mortgage paperwork. Once the legal chain of ownership has been cleared, the bank can approve the loan and disburse the funds. We can assist you in identifying the necessary documents to establish your property's legal chain of ownership.

CIBIL Scores and Disputing Errors on Credit Reports:

A CIBIL score is essential in the loan application process. However, if an individual's score needs to be better, or if a bank or credit bureau (such as TransUnion CIBIL Limited) is reporting an incorrect score, it can cause significant issues in obtaining a loan. So to dispute an error on your credit report, we will contact the credit reporting company and the company that provided the information.

Legal Verification

Legal verification is an important step in the loan process for those seeking to purchase or refinance a property. The process involves the submission of various property papers by the customer or borrower and the thorough examining these documents by the lender and their legal team.

The first step in the legal verification process is for the customer or borrower to submit all property papers at the beginning of the loan process. This includes documents such as the

  • Registry copy
  • Agreement to sale
  • Property tax copy
  • Assessment copy
  • Khatauni
  • MAP

The lender then conducts a legal check, and their lawyer examines all the documents submitted and submits the TSR (Title Search Report) to the bank. The Title Search Report is a document that verifies the ownership and legal status of the property.


If there are any legal complexities or disputes, the bank’s lawyer will send a negative report, and the bank or lender may reject the loan. This is done to ensure that the lender is not taking on undue risk by lending to a property with legal issues.


Legal problems faced during the legal verification process include:

  • A break in the Registry chain of title
  • Encumbrances
  • Conditional Ownership
  • Multiple buyers
  • Hidden wills
  • Survey disputes on site.
  • Area mismeasurement on site/Property.
  • Properties mutataion not updated on government records.


It is important to note that if any of these legal issues are discovered during the legal verification process, it does not necessarily mean that the loan will be rejected. However, the borrower needs to work closely with the lender to resolve any issues that may arise to secure the loan.


Overall, the legal verification process is an essential step in the loan process designed to protect both the lender and the borrower. Ensuring that all legal issues are addressed helps mitigate risk and ensure that the loan is approved promptly.

Property Valuation for Loan to value (LTV)

Property valuation is essential when purchasing land or property. Banks will sanction and disburse loan amounts based on the value of the property or registry, whichever is lower. We can assist you in determining the fair market value of a property, providing you with accurate and reliable information to make informed decisions. Below documets are required for valuation of the property.

  • Sale deed copy
  • agreement to sale.
  • Complete chain of titles deeds 15yrs (i.e 1994 to till date)
  • Approved Map in case of MDDA approved or Gram Pradhan Approved map.
  • Detailed estimate of Construction (80% Loan applicable only) in Case of construction or renovation of property.
  • Land Used Certificate.

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